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You can trust that our crews will be out at your yard weekly during the mowing season.The echelon maintenance crew will take care of your regular service: mowing the grass and string trimming as needed, blowing walkways, driveways, and other hard surfaces clean, and picking up minor yard debris.


Mulching your bedsserves a number of purposes. Aesthetically, your yard will look great with a fresh coat of mulch in the beds. For your plants, mulch helps maintain a more consistent soil temperature, aids in the retention of water for plants, suppresses some weeds, and adds nutrients into the beds as the mulch breaks down over the years.

Leaf Removal

If there is one challenge in your yard, it’s cleaning up fall leaves. Each week from the beginning of November to the first friday of December, leaves on driveways, walkways, decks, and in the grass areas will be picked up and removed during our regularly scheduled visits. If you have a designated area for leaf storage, we will place the leaves there, otherwise we will remove the leaves from your property.

Bed Weeding

This service seems to be the favorite of our clients who choose it because it keeps them from doing the dirty work in the garden on the weekend. We may use chemicals to assist us in suppressing weeds. Please make us aware if hand weeding is preferred so that we can happily adjust our work accordingly and provide you a rate for that service


Maintaining plant health and shape requires regular hedging and pruning. Most plants left to grow on their own around your house will eventually outgrow their intended space looking unnatural in the confines of your yard. By caring for your plants properly, plant-life in your yard is extended and your landscape will showcase as you originally intended.

Snow Removal

What’s worse than stepping out of your front door the day after a huge Columbus snow storm and having to trudge through a few feet of snow just to get to your car? For all your Columbus Ohio snow removal needs, call Echelon Landscaping today!

Lawn Fertilization

We always pride ourselves on using the best possible fertilization methods, and that’s why we choose to use granular fertilizers. This type of fertilizer has a timing element which adds an effectiveness that liquid fertilizers simply cannot. This product lasts anywhere from one to six weeks depending on your lawn care needs. We use slow- and fast-release formulas in-tandem which include a perfectly balanced mixture of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Flower Installation

If there is one enhancement to regular service which will add to the beauty and enjoyment of your landscape it is adding seasonal flowers to your beds. Properly installed seasonal color will give stunning and impressive results.